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Nordenfjeldske Fibershed was founded in 2021 by Marte E Blomli, Årolilja Jørgensrud and Nina Alsborn. The aim was to establish an organization which would promote local textile production. We also hoped to contribute to the change towards more locally rooted textile production based on local raw materials and value chains.

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Nina Alsborn

Chair, Founder

My years as a production manager at one of Norway's first small-scale spinning mills, located in one of Norway's beautiful cultural landscapes, laid the foundation for my great commitment to all the small players within the textile life cycle. The work also sharpened my understanding of all the work that lies behind producing all-Norwegian textile products. already back then, I saw a great need for collaboration, networking and exchange of expertise to strengthen the small-scale producers. In the work with my master's in traditional art and felting of wool from old Norwegian spel sheep, my passion for all the wonderful wool material that is currently underutilized in our country deepened. When the question came about starting a Norwegian Fibershed, I had no doubt – the future of the textile world lies in the local forces and collaborations. My driving force is to emphasize the voices of the grassroots within Norwegian textile production and strengthen their work so that together we can contribute to a new and better textile future for everyone - nature, animals and people!

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Karen Boye

Vice chair

Karen Boye founder and owner of SYD Interiør. SYD produces environmentally friendly furniture and interior textiles for use in dedicated building, interior and design solutions. By combining older regenerative agricultural knowledge of Norwegian resources and craftsmanship with modern production, SYD has created a unique quality textile. The textiles are made from wool from Norwegian spælsau, the oldest breed of sheep in Norway, and dyed with plants from Norwegian flora. SYD's products only use pure natural and renewable raw materials that have little or no value in Norway today. The textiles have a Norwegian value chain and are produced circularly and biodegradable.My motivation for getting involved in Fibershed is to increase the focus on Norwegian natural renewable resources, and Norwegian production, and give it value. Furthermore, to influence the market for design and architecture to choose local sustainable materials. My background is leading positions in retail, interior design and the wood industry in southern Norway.

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Camilla Åmot Aarhaug

Treasurer & Course and Member Coordinator

As a curious and knowledge-loving person, I'm keen to preserve crafts and craft techniques. The intangible cultural heritage that we inherit from the generations before us is important to preserve. As a craftsman, I work with several materials and techniques. I have a wood, ceramics and glass workshop, but currently spend most of my time working with textiles. I have a loom-barn with over 20 looms, ranging from computerized digital jacquard loom, traditional jacquard loom, damask loom, draftloom, tweed loom, dobby loom and more. I have traveled around the country and abroad to collect unique looms and restore them to preserve them for posterity, and have about 50 looms in my collection now. As a natural extension of this, I also work as a weaving teacher and recive students for internships. It's important to pass on the craft to new generations.Nordenfjeldske Fibershed is close to my heart, as I am interested in Norwegian and the Norwegian materials I can source for my production. I have tested many fiber qualities, but always come back to Norwegian wool as my absolute favorite.

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Tone Tobiasson

Deputy Board Member

Tone Skårdal Tobiasson, journalist and author, worked for many years for magazines, most recently for the fashion magazine Tique and for Oslo Fashion Week Magazine. She's contributed to publications such as Tekstilforum, EcoTextile News, and continues to write for Wool2yarn. Together with Ingunn Grinsdad Klepp Tone has written many books about wool, knitting, the environment and textiles. Her books Strikk med norsk ull and Local, Wool and Slow Fashion: Wool as a Fabric for Change are the most directly related to the Fibershed Organization, and Rebecca Burgess (founder of Fibershed) collaborated on the latter. Tone is a communications officer for many projects such as Valuing Norwegian Wool, KRUS, VikingGull, Amazing Grazing, WOOLUME, hiWool, Slovool and many projects focused on reducing plastic use in textiles such as Wasted Textiles and CHANGE. Tone believes that Fibershed's focus on local resources and value chains is the key to a more sustainable future for the fiber industry.

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Marte Blomli

Board member, Founder

Marte lives on a small homestead with her husband, baby boy, and shaggy little dog. She has a masters degree in Natural Resource Management from NTNU. She currently works at Selbu Spinneri, a small wool spinning mill located in Klæbu, Trondheim, where she has responsibility for international and national projects. Selbu Spinneri has specialized in conservation of wool from many of the old Norwegian sheep breeds. Marte is interested in protecting Norwegian textile traditions and she knits, weaves, handspins, and sews. She likes to enjoy life in the forest, fields, mountains, and sea. According to Marte, it’s imperative that we do more to take care of our beautiful earth, and because of this she’s always exploring ways to live a greener life. This is her motivation to work with promoting local, environmentally friendly textile production, and better agricultural practices through Fibershed Norway.

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Secretary & Regional Coordinator for Midt-Norge

Ingvild was one of the founders of Selbu Spinnery in Klæbu. She now works with national and international wool projects representing Selbu Spinnery. Ingvild is also a wool sorting expert, and holds courses on the subject.

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Carrie Pretorius

Board Member & Region Coordinator for Sør-Norge

Carrie Pretorius serves as the Nordenfjeldske Fibershed Coordinator for Southern Norway, is  engaged in diverse projects with the organization. Alongside managing Klespleie and Arendal Souvenirs in Arendal, Norway, Carrie's tenure with Fibershed commenced in 2022. Despite a background in law, she boasts 5 years of textile education. Her passion lies particularly with bast fibers. Carrie's primary professional focus centers on optimizing local and regional supply chains and mitigating textile waste.

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Emilia Panish-Hoffmann

Board Member, Designer and Developer

Emilia grew up in a house in the woods in New England where she developed passions for art, crafting, knitting, and nature. Emilia works within digital design and marketing, though she has a formal education in environmental science and sustainable food systems. She loves opportunities where she can combine her profession with her passion for arts and the environment. Emilia has always had a desire to work in the space between agriculture and consumption; bringing people’s attention to the origins of the food they eat and the fabrics that they wear, and supporting more socially and environmentally sustainable forms of agriculture. She hopes that her work with Fibershed Norway will help to move production and consumption of textiles in the region in a more sustainable direction.

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