About us

Fibershed Norway (Nordenfjeldske Fibershed) is a national grassroots organization.

At Fibershed Norway, we hope to inspire collaboration and knowledge-sharing within an extended membership network consisting of farmers, textile-industry, designers and crafters, research organizations, universities and consumers.

Fibershed Norway is divided into 5 bioregions which cover Northern Norway, Mid-Norway, Eastern, Western, and Southern Norway respectively. A bioregion is the ecological and geographical area that forms the natural resource basis for regional raw material and textile production. Bioregions also include the human resources found in the area. Every Fibershed bioregion will eventually have a coordinator who is responsible for the the network within that region.

Research and development projects

Nordenfjeldske Fibershed's aim is to become an active player and partner in research and development projects linked to regional and local raw material and textile production. Through our members, we want to represent the entire value chain from raw materials to finished products. We participate as a partner in the international research project Amazing Grazing, which is led by NIBIO Tingvoll (Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research).

Fibershed Norway was founded by Marte Espelien Blomli, Nina Alsborn and Årolilja Svedal Jørgensrud. We have good knowledge of the Norwegian textile value chain and broad experience from working with Norwegian wool in craft and design, in the textile industry (spinning and weaving), in education and various research and development projects.

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