Fibershed Nordenfjeldske offers membership for both individuals interested in Fibershed's work and principles, as well as fiber and textile producers of all sizes. Production members range from those who operate on a hobby-basis to large professional producers, and from farm to finished product. Membership for individuals is open to anyone interested in Fibershed's work. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Support our work by becoming an individual member.

Joining Nordenfjeldske Fibershed only costs NOK 100/year. By becoming an individual member, you're joining a network of individuals supporting the future of sustainable textile production in Norway. You'll receive invitations and discounts on tickets to Fibershed events.

Join as a business, organization or hobby producer and be featured in our upcoming online directory:
**There is an 80% discount on memberships for 2024**

All producer members must work with ethical, sustainable and/or regenerative production systems, and be willing to actively participate in and support Nordenfjeldske Fibershed's work.

Full-time businesses and professionals

NOK 1600/ year (NOK 320 for 2024)

Producers, artists, and other professionals whose fiber-related businesses are side-income

NOK 800/year (NOK 160 for 2024)

Fibershed member activities include (but are not at all limited to):

  • Interested in locally produced fibers such as wool, animal fibre, leather and plant fiber produced in Norway and processed locally.
  • Produce products that are entirely and completely made of fiber (animal or plant-based) or leather. If additives as dyes are used, these must either be grown and sourced in Norway or the dyeing process must be frugal, quality-oriented and environmentally aware.
  • Process fibers with the help of labor in Norway.
  • Offer services for the processing of natural textile fibers (plant fibers such as flax or animal fibers such as wool, or leather) and/or dyes in Norway, either on a commercial or artisanal or artistic scale.
  • Offer services for the production of fabrics/textiles for furniture, interiors, clothing or garden and agriculture, based on Norwegian raw materials and production in Norway.
  • Grow plant fiber and/or natural dyes in Norway
  • Keep livestock where animal fiber or skin goes to Norwegian textile production
  • Offer works of art that are entirely and completely made of fiber (animal or plant-based), leather/leather, dyes grown and sourced in Norway
  • Provide education or training on Fibreshed-related topics and concepts.